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Making Weddings Fit for All Faiths

I was recently exhibiting at the beautiful Wootton Park's Spring Wedding Fayre and met a lovely couple. After talking with them, they mentioned something very interesting: "We're from different faiths, so we had to go with a civil registrar. It's frustrating that we can't include our beliefs in the ceremony". The couple's feedback highlights a common struggle people have with ceremonies. With all the diversity around us, why should anyone settle for a one-size-fits-all?

Finding a Fix

There is a solution that lets you celebrate your love while honouring your background and beliefs. As a Celebrant and someone who helps plan weddings and funerals, I'm all about creating ceremonies that speak to who you are as a couple and celebrate diversity and inclusion

We can work together to blend your different traditions seamlessly into the ceremony. Whether it's including special rituals, prayers, or blessings from both your faiths, we'll make sure every moment reflects your journey together and what matters most to you.

Being Open and Connected:

It's important to be upfront about what you want. I'm here to listen and make sure your voices are heard. When we're on the same page, we can create a ceremony that's not just about saying "I do," but about celebrating your love in a way that feels completely authentic to you both.

So, let's eliminate the template ceremonies and create something truly meaningful. Together, we'll make your big day unforgettable, filled with love, laughter, and everything that makes you two unique.


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