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Let's create a unique ceremony that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime!



Creating honourable ceremonies that provide comfort and closure during a difficult time


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Celebrate a range of other life events with our bespoke services, created and crafted just for you!

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Wedding Ceremonies

A celebration of love, as unique as you

Choosing a celebrant for your wedding is a great way to ensure that your ceremony is meaningful, memorable, and reflective of your personalities and relationship.


I work closely with couples to create a ceremony that reflects their personalities, values, and beliefs. I offer a range of services, including an initial consultation, assistance with writing vows and selecting readings and music, and coordination of the ceremony on the wedding day. By working with a me, you can have a truly personalised and memorable ceremony that reflects your unique love story. We are also able to incorporate religious or cultural elements into the ceremony if you desire, making it inclusive for all guests.


Celebration of Life Ceremony

Creating a personalised celebration of life that honours their memory

Ensuring that your loved one will be honoured for their values, and represent your memories, is the most important thing right now. Grief can be overwhelming for some and a welcome relief from suffering for others, but whatever your experience, I will tailor my ceremony to reflect your wishes.

From sustainable burials and ways to ensure that the end of life is as natural as birth, I can offer advice and make suggestions that can resonate with your environmental or belief principles. Any religious content of any faith can be incorporated.

Our meetings will be informal but professional, often sad but sometimes a welcome opportunity to talk openly, and freely, about the person you wish to reveal to family and friends, perhaps with stories and poems, lyrics or readings that show a side they never knew existed.

Most importantly, your love for them will be the focus and I can be the voice for the memories that are hard to recall.

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Happy Baby

Bespoke Ceremonies

Naming, Vow Renewals, Special Events

Commitment ceremonies and vow renewals, hosting special events

such as naming, transition or a special birthday might be something

you want to plan for.

There are so many ways that a celebrant can be the voice, or master of ceremonies, to guide your guests while you are busy being gorgeous

or making sure that last feed will keep baby quiet for the ceremony!

A celebrant can be the link between faiths, bridging the gap for families coming together to create a new harmony.

I can be the celebrant you wished for at the time you need me.

Outdoor Wedding Altar

I believe in providing transparent and flexible pricing options that are fair and reasonable. Therefore, I encourage potential clients to contact me directly to discuss their ceremony requirements and receive a personalised quote.

I pride myself on providing excellent service, and I am committed to ensuring that every client receives exceptional value for their investment

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