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Client Testimonials

Heath and Jen – Wedding August 17th 2023

There is so much I wish to say about Karen: she is certainly more than a celebrant. She is creative, resourceful, wise, and an incredibly good listener.
Before we knew about Karen, we met several celebrants. We were given pitches that meant very little to us, in short, it just wasn't for us or about us. We knew Karen had it right when we met her for the first time. We could tell afterward that she was taking our project seriously. I remember thinking that it must be challenging for her to work with so little information we provided. My husband and I were determined that our wedding ceremony would be one that is simple and elegant, with no frills, and no excess. We were adamant about paring away any unnecessary elements, down to the basics, yet wanted to highlight the romance and elegance.

It was certainly not an easy task for Karen. 
But Karen certainly kept her calm throughout. She was very patient and suggested several ideas that she felt would fit the occasion.

We adjusted and tweaked some ideas together, and surprising many ideas were not too far from what we thought would make the event simple yet perfect. It shows one thing about Karen, that she really listened and tried her best to understand us as individuals and as a couple. 
Just as we thought we had found ourselves a perfect celebrant for our event, she surprised us with more. She altered my bridal gown for me, prepared our confetti on the wedding day,
along with small gestures that added magical touches to the event. We were very happy with Karen's involvement in our wedding, we couldn't have asked for more.

Andrew and Carole – Funeral September 25th 2023

We found Karen via a local Google search, as our funeral directors had suggested that they had only one celebrant to offer us (and we didn't like the sound of that). Karen immediately confirmed that she was available to lead the funeral, and she came to see us a couple of days later to get the background on my Dad and hear some of the stories that we wanted to include in his tribute.  We also gave her contact details for several family members, who wanted to contribute either in person or by having something written on their behalf.  Karen pulled all of this together, as well as making
sure other key milestones were hit before the day of the service - and always sent everything across for me to approve before it made it into the final version. Karen delivered the service exactly as planned, also bridging the gap between several
different participants - and even featuring some extra special elements that we wanted as part of the service.  We couldn't have wished for it to have gone better, andwholeheartedly recommend Karen as one of the best celebrants around the Worcestershire and South Birmingham areas.

Anne – Funeral
October 4th 2023

The service was just as we had wanted it, and I think Mum would have approved. Thank you for your patience with us. Our words about Mum sparked quite a few fond memories with our family and friends which we shared a smile about at the gathering

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