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"Every story is unique, so every ceremony is unique"

- Karen Nutton, Civil Celebrant 

I first encountered the use of personalised ceremonies five years ago when a friend lost her husband, and the Celebrant at the Funeral was fantastic at the service, and in the empathy and care given to get to that point. What a wonderful thing to be able to do for someone at such a difficult time, I thought! 


I trained as a wedding and vow renewal celebrant with the Celebrant Coaching and Training Academy, to deliver meaningful couple ceremonies, graduating with a distinction in January 2023. Then, in March 2023, I qualified with a NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (RQF) with Civil Ceremonies Ltd. 


As your Civil Celebrant, I will bring my love of culture, belief in diversity, and passion for sustainability, to create a personalised Wedding, Funeral or bespoke event that expresses your specific needs or your secret wishes.

I love meeting new people to learn from them through their life stories. My clients share my passions and beliefs, helping them to create unique and joyful ceremonies, that will stay in their memories for a lifetime.

Karen Nutton Celebrant.jpg

My journey to becoming a Celebrant

KarenNutton dress

After twenty years in retail and manufacturing for the textile industry until the early 2000’s, I then
transferred my knowledge and skills into the education sector. I have been privileged to work with
people of all ages, from a huge variety of backgrounds, and in many countries.

The pursuit of good health started in my Teens, becoming essential when faced with life threatening
illness in my Twenties, and then as a mother in my Thirties, organic produce and a more sustainable
way of life became a philosophy, that carried into my teaching. Raising awareness with students and
staff on the need to live ethically and sustainably, saw me become part of a team of academics who
actively promoted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and made them part of our
course identity and philosophy at Birmingham City University where I was proud to submit an
application for the Green Gown Awards and support the student led Enactus initiative.

I am interested in finding ways to incorporate these philosophies into all the life journeys that my
clients might wish to experience

Karen nutton and friends
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Why choose me as your celebrant?

How I work with you 

My friends and colleagues describe me as fun, compassionate and
diligent. I think of myself as creative, expressive and professional.
I believe in listening to what you want and helping you turn dreams into reality. Using a wealth of contacts to offer solutions or ideas and a love of visual arts, music and fashion I can bring something that other celebrants may not offer.

I will aim to be inclusive, to make everyone involved feel part of the
process and able to enjoy the ceremony to the full, to celebrate the
friends and families, colleagues or business partners that are part of the journey you are taking.

My belief in a fair and just society means I will only work with you in a fair and just way and respect for you will mean I expect the same in return. Most of all I want to enjoy getting to know you and becoming part of the journey, to create a ceremony that is more than you could ever have imagined it could be, so that you have memories to last forever.

Ready to craft your ceremony?
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