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How to make a funeral more environmentally friendly

One of the ways you can make a Funeral more environmentally friendly is to opt for a managed Woodland site, where you can choose to be buried, interred, or have your ashes scattered. I've spent the last 20 years living and working near a beautiful sight on the edge of Worcestershire, Warwickshire; it's a calm environment surrounded by fields and country lanes and allows families to create simple and low-impact ceremonies.

Clients choose flowers from their own gardens, shrouds or compostable coffins and most importantly biodegradable tributes to their loved ones to be enjoyed by anyone that visits the site in the future as it evolves and grows over time.

I'm also lucky to work with A Natural Undertaking, based in King’s Heath, Birmingham. This company puts sustainability at the heart of their care for clients, using an electric hearse and with strong links to the woodland burial sites in the West Midlands.​

Companies like @bellacouche or @shrouds_and_ashes offer wool or linen shrouds as well as unique ways to preserve the ashes if you opt for cremation. Why not become a piece of art to be treasured?​

Creating seed bombs with ashes that have been treated is a service offered by @scattered_blooms and @ashestobloomsuk and can be sown in a designated wildflower meadow or your own home.​

Choose whatever and whoever feels right and works to your budget and timescale. Choose people who care as much as you do about making a difference.

Wording taken from my recent Instagram collaboration with Your Funeral Choice

Natural coffin image by @wovenfarewellcoffins


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